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TradeSite (N.Z) Online Auctions Limited was registered back in 2013 although the idea to run a “User Friendly” auction site solely for Kiwi’s to Buy, Sell & Exchange has been the idea of the owner for many years before then in fact as early back as 1996 however I merely sat on the entire project until just recently…

After finding some spare time to manage this project, finally my idea has become a reality and although others are also now visible in the marketplace TradeSite.co.nz intends to make a name for itself as an affordable, mobile friendly online auction and trading platform alternative operating within New Zealand.

We hope you enjoy using the website and find all of our fee’s more than reasonable.

You only pay a small fee once you sell your item… Wait are you for real?


Also We Offer A "No Sale Then No Fee" Guarantee!

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Tel: +64 (03) 595 5969

Email Support 24/7: support@tradesite.co.nz

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TradeSite - Keeping It Real NZ!

*Should you decide to highlight or feature your items then extra fee's may apply.